Company overview


Our experience in commercial law has been accumulated by handling a wide range of specific issues for companies and the conclusion of determined projects, but also by the provision of day-to-day assistance to many small and medium enterprises, but also to important companies activating in Romania, to Romanian and foreign investors.

We have succeeded in offering not only mere legal advice, but also business solutions in which we have been continuously pursuing the optimization of all aspects of the client activity, blending legal expertise with commercial pragmatism, in order to be able to provide solutions satisfying and promoting our clients commercial interests.

Our experience has been built on the drawing-up and negotiation of a large variety of commercial agreements, such as distribution agreements, services agreements, consultancy agreements, partnership agreements, leasing agreements, management agreements, sale-purchase agreements, lease agreements, etc. by reference to the experience gained in courts, by assisting in many different commercial disputes. Upon the drafting of agreements, we particularly aim at their fulfilment, with special attention on the avoidance of subsequent disputes among the parties, but providing our clients with the best possible legal protection.